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PentaBolt Tamper Proof Fasteners

7/8 point/flat
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Penta head bolts made of 18-8 stainless steel.

The Penta-Bolt™ is the staple of ground lid and manhole cover security, and is typically specified for these applications. It requires a special pentagon socket which is not found in retail stores.
Security Level:
Best Used As: Vandal Deterrent, Low-Risk Areas

Not Recommended For: Securing Items of Value

Cost: Low

Bit Availability: Retail Electrical Supply Stores

Available at Bryce: Yes

Unfortunately toolboxes are equipped to remove Penta-Bolt™ fasteners with common items such as locking pliers. Most notably, copper thieves are easily removing these fasteners. Penta-Bolt™ fasteners protecting copper should be replaced with something more secure. The savings in loss prevention can be significant.
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